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Patio heaters are the only devices that make it possible for you to use the patio even when the bad weather comes. In case you are looking for a patio heater and you want to make sure that you’re buying a good model, read the following lines to find out how you can choose the perfect one.

Types of patio heaters

There are 4 main types of patio heaters that you can choose from. These types are standing patio heaters, mounted patio heaters, hanging patio heaters, and table top patio heaters. Also, patio heaters are categorized depending on their heat type. By this categorization, we have electric patio heaters, natural gas patio heaters, and propane patio heaters.

Standing patio heaters are full-sized, and they are usually portable. They have a compartment for the fuel tank. Generally, they operate at 40000 BTUs and they can provide a 20-foot diameter of warmth. Mounted patio heaters are generally mounted to the wall. They are ideal for small spaces and for permanent installation. Depending on their size, they can produce between 10000 BTUs and 30000 BTUs. Hanging patio heaters are hung from the ceiling, and they’re ideal for small spaces. Most of them are electric, and they range between 10000 BTUs and over 30000 BTUs. Table top patio heaters are the easiest to transport. They are generally electric or propane and they don’t produce more than 30000 BTUs.

Electric patio heaters are Eco-friendly, producing zero emissions while heating. They use the fuel economically, having a mid-level cost of operation. Natural gas patio heaters are Eco-friendly and permanent. They run through a natural gas supply line. Due to the fact that there’s a constant supply of fuel for them, there is no need to refill. Also, they have the lowest operation cost. Last but not least, propane patio heaters are portable and very easy to use. Unfortunately, due to the fact that they need constant refilling, they have the highest operation cost.

Determining the size

To establish the perfect patio heater for you, you must use the direct correlation between the size of the patio and the power of the patio heater. In case you have to heat an area of up to 150 square feet, you can use a patio heater that produces 5000 BTUs. If you want to heat an area of up to 700 square feet, you should use a model that produces 14000 BTUs. In case the area that you want to warm with the patio heater spans up to 1500 square feet, use a unit that produces 24000 BTUs. Last but not least, if the area is between 2000 and 2500 square feet, you should use a patio heater that produces at least 34000 BTUs.


There are certain features that a good patio heater must have in order for it to be effective and safe. One of the features that you should look for is the safety shut-off that is basically a valve that shuts off the fuel supply to immediately extinguish flames. The patio heater must have a tip over switch as well. This switch ensures that the heater will automatically turn off in case it gets tilted past a set angle. Also, the patio heater must be certified for safety, meeting the CSA Group’s required performance and safety standards.

AZ Outdoor HLDS01-CBT infrared patio heater

A great patio heater that you can go with to keep the patio warm when the weather is bad is the AZ Outdoor HLDS01-CBT infrared patio heater. You can purchase it for the price of $110. This model stands 87 inches tall and it uses a 20-pound propane tank for fuel. If you set it on the highest setting, the infrared patio heater will provide up to 10 hours of continuous operation. The scroll table that it comes with allows you to adjust the fuel usage from low to high. It provides a 12-foot diameter of warmth. The anti-tilt switch off the unit ensures that it will automatically shut off if someone knocks it over. In addition, it comes with a 1-year warranty.