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Laundry is one of those household chores that you have to face almost every day so you have to make sure you perform it in perfect conditions otherwise, you will not enjoy it. If your laundry room is poorly designed and you miss an aspect that will influence the comfort and convenience of your laundry day, you will start hating this chore even more. Make sure this doesn’t happen by paying attention to the following laundry room mistakes to avoid.

Laundry room in the basement

Most people place the laundry room in the basement due to lack of space and in order to capitalize every inch of their home but this is not always a good idea for two simple reasons. The first one is the high level of humidity that gathers in the laundry room every time you dry your clothes or iron them, humidity that gets into the walls and floors and turns into mold. The second reason is the large distance from the bedroom which means you have to go a long way holding heavy baskets of dirty laundry. If your home placement allows you, we recommend that you place the laundry room on a top floor.

You don’t opt for a washer/dryer combo

The laundry room should consist of two main items that make your laundry chores a lot easier. These items are the washing machine and the dryer and you should have both of them in your laundry room if you want to skip the hard part. While the washing machine will make sure all your laundry comes out perfectly clean, the dryer will eliminate the need to spread the clothes along the room in order to dry. Therefore, opt for both items and put them next to each other horizontally or vertically, and your laundry room will be perfect.

No room for folding and ironing

Another common mistake when designing the laundry room is to forget about the space you need for folding clothes or ironing them. Regardless the size of your laundry room, you must keep this aspect in mind because you wouldn’t want to carry piles of clothes into another room for folding and ironing. The best solution for this issue consists of wooden boards that you can place over the washer and dryer and use as storage and working space when you need them. This way, the laundry room will stay uncluttered and you will have plenty of room for folding and ironing clothes.