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If you want to purchase a security camera for your home, in order to monitor what is happening on your property at all times, then you must carefully look for a quality one, no matter the price. If you are actually looking for an innovative product, then you will definitely be interested in the following most advanced security cameras for your home.

Netatmo Welcome

This innovative security camera comes with a killer feature, the Facial Recognition. Believe it or not, this feature works remarkably well, and you will certainly fall in love with it, not to talk about the safety that a device like this will provide to you. Netatmo Welcome will quickly learn the faces and the names as well of members of a family, and once it does this, it starts to create personalized user profiles for all of them, so that you know exactly who is coming and who is going. Netatmo Welcome features a 130 degrees field of view, and it is without a doubt a unit that will highly monitor your property.

Belkin Netcam HD+

Another advanced home security camera is Belkin Netcam HD+. With the Netcam, you can actually control WeMo home accessories such as the electrical switches and the lights. This means that the security camera will easily transform into a home-automation system. This device is very easy to set up and you will certainly not encounter any sort of problems whatsoever. Belkin Netcam HD+ comes with a modern design that actually fits any interior design. You will certainly fall in love with Belkin Netcam HD+, as soon as you purchase it.

Nest Cam Runner-Up

If you want to purchase one of the most advanced security cameras for your home, then you will certainly not make a mistake if choosing Nest Cam Runner-Up. This device will provide you an excellent motion detection, and it features a top-notch video quality. Furthermore, comes with an intuitive user interface, flexible scheduling, a very clear night vision, and a sharp video. An innovative feature of Nest Cam Runner-Up is that it can be used as an intercom, and it can interact with the Nest Protect smoke detector and the Nest Thermostat. It is very easy to set-up, due to the magnetic and swiveling base. You can actually install it anywhere you would like, indoors. All in all, Nest Cam Runner-Up is an advanced security camera that will certainly satisfy your expectations.