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Designing a nursery can be fun but it can also be pretty overwhelming if you don’t have any idea about where to begin. The nursery is the room where your baby will likely spend the most time and it must be a nice and warm place. If you are thinking about decorating a nursery, it’s recommended to keep in mind how you decorated the other rooms. Otherwise, your nursery design will look like a place that you’ve tried to decorate very quickly.

The nursery furniture

The furniture is essential in every room. Usually, the nurseries are centered around the baby crib. This is the focal point of the room. Make sure that you choose a crib with vertical slats which are close enough, so the baby could not climb out or get his body stuck between them.

If you are thinking about designing a nursery you will also need a table or a night stand, an armchair and a nursery hamper. It’s recommended to secure everything you have in the room from furniture to decorations. You will feel better in an organized room, so you can opt for a painted wardrobe with many drawers.

The colors

The nursery colors shouldn’t be a challenge for you. Nowadays, everyone opts for natural shades, so even if you don’t limit to a single theme, you should start with pastel. Make sure that you design a colorful room which leads you into a dream world. You can play with plenty of colors and paintings, because anything goes on your walls, from butterflies and flowers to princesses and pirates. You must think about decorating the ceiling because these will become the focal points for the babies who spend much time on their backs. It’s recommended to choose a relaxing color. Generally, a nursery has plenty of colorful items, such as toys or colored and painted walls. So, the color is the main feature in nursery decoration.

The lighting

Firstly, you should install a dimmer which can create a serene atmosphere and help your baby fall asleep. It will keep your baby in a drowsy state in late-night feedings or diaper changes. You can also opt for small lamps or bright ceiling lamps which will offer you a diffused light. These will illuminate the room as needed. It’s recommended to avoid halogens or exposed bulbs because this harsh lighting will make your baby feel anxious. You can be more creative and install some strings of twinkling fairy lights.