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Decorating a house is not easy, but with some simple DIY decorations for your home, you can definitely make your life easier. From painted furniture and simple decorations to update boring tiles, everything can become a nice project which will help you design your home in a pleasant and funny way. With some craft tutorials and some simple tricks, you can make your home interesting and refreshing.

The pompom rug

If you are thinking about creating something soft to stand on, the best idea is to make a pompom rug. All you need is wool, scissors, a rug pad and 2 toilet paper rolls. Firstly, you should wrap the wool around the roll. It depends on what kind of pompom you want, a bigger or a smaller one. If you opt for a bigger pompom you need more wool. You should choose the pompom size and cut another piece of wool, tie through both of the rolls and make a knot. After that, you must pull the rolls out and snip the loops around the pom pom. For a normal pompom rug you will need 50 pompoms, so repeat this activity until you get all of them. Now, you can tie the pompoms on the rug pad. This is a simple decoration which will become the eye-catcher for your guests.

Decorate a vase with pennies

This is a good idea for updating your old things. Nothing can be easier than decorating a vase. All you need is a simple old vase and a lot of nice shiny pennies. The pennies will add symmetry and authenticity to anything. Firstly, you should clean the vase. If you choose to wash it, it’s recommended to wait until it is dry. The next step is to stick the pennies on the vase. You should start from the bottom and try to stick them symmetrically. Now you will have an unique element in your home. You can decorate the way same even the flower pots. These will have a glossy look.

The rope lampshade

If you are bored of your old lampshade but you don’t want to throw it away, we can propose you a better idea. Wrap it in rope! The rope lampshade is interesting and easy to make. You just need an old lampshade, some thin or thick rope, scissors and a hot glue gun. You can start wrapping and sticking the rope from the bottom.