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Whether it is by choice or necessity, sometimes, living in a small apartment can be tough. For the small places, it’s better to focus on their functionality rather than design. Even if you’re living in a small apartment or in a big house, the most important thing is to create a comfortable and welcoming place where you can spend a pleasant time with family and friends.

It’s quite difficult to decorate a small space, but if you want to make your apartment seem larger, you should keep in mind some tips.

The furniture

Try to give each place a specific purpose, so the best you can do is to define separate areas. It’s a good idea to buy space-saving furniture to enhance your place. In a small apartment the storage is limited so you will especially need some boxes or some baskets to solve the problem. It’s recommended to choose the multi-purpose furniture that you need to enjoy the living space, such as an extensible sofa which can waste more of your floor space, a bench which will serve you as a coffee table or an ottoman. You can convert it into a storage ottoman, a chair or even into a coffee table.

The colors

By adding some colors you can give your apartment a personal touch. You should try to use white or natural colors for the walls and strong colors for the decorating items. White is often associated with the minimalist style. That’s why plenty of people choose a minimalist design for their small apartments.

However, you can add some colors such as red, black or yellow, but just the white color will give the impression of a larger space. If you choose white color to decorate your apartment, you should think about choosing colorful decorations because these will become the focal point.

The lighting

The lighting is important in any space. Obviously, if you want to create a larger view of your apartment you should opt for both natural and artificial light. You must choose large windows and if it’s possible to opt for floor to ceiling windows. You can opt for a few table lamps and you can also place some light spots in the kitchen area. It’s recommended to avoid the big chandeliers because it will turn your space into a crowded place. However, if you want to create a romantic ambiance, you can use small chandeliers or lamps with diffused light.