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Most people begin to form their first impression of your home from the first second they enter your house. Therefore, this is a reason for you to pay more attention to your hallway design. Even if it’s a small space, that doesn’t mean that your personal design will not have a major impact on the others.

The colors

A simple and inexpensive way to change the decor of the entrance is to paint one wall in a different color or shade than the other walls .Try a cheerful color on the wall that attracts the attention which is the wall that rests directly in the visual field of people who walk in the door. You can use an interesting trick and paint the walls using dark colors or busy patterns. If you have a long hallway, this will help feeling like the wall in front of you is closer than it actually is. If you have a hallway with stairs and you are a creative person, you can paint every stair in a different color. This way, the stairs will become the focal point of your hallway.

The furniture

You must think about turning a small place into a cozy one. That’s why you should use simple small furniture rather than oversized pieces of furniture. Interior design experts point out that the most useful piece of furniture in a small hallway or foyer is a small trunk that provides an enclosed storage space. It is an ideal place to keep gloves, scarves, and hats. If the space allows you to put different pieces of furniture, you can buy one or two chairs on which your guests can sit down to take off their shoes. You can also opt for long furniture, but make sure it matches the space’s size. You can place furniture such as long sofas or benches and small tables. One of the most important elements which should not miss from your hallway is a hanger. You can opt for a simple one where you can put your coats and jackets or for a hanger one with storage space where you can organize your umbrellas and your shoes.

The decorations

Accessorize your hallway with a mirror which will bring style and elegance . Use a nice mirror to reflect any source of light that enters the hallway. You and your guests will feel that your space has been doubled. You can even choose a mirror from local DIY stores because this should not be a luxury piece. You can also opt for a large box , hinged and quite large where you can keep the receipts, the bills, the tickets and even the wallet or the keys.