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Microwaves are without a doubt a great help in the kitchen, especially if you rush all the time. Ordinary devices come in quite large sizes and this might be a disadvantage for many people who actually have a small kitchen. If you are in the same situation, then the good news is that you can still find a unit perfect for you. When looking for a microwave oven for a small kitchen, many people look for the best over range microwave. However, despite the fact that an over the range microwave oven won’t take any extra space as it replaces the cooker hood, such an oven is not recommended by the experts, especially when you are on a budget. Cheap and medium priced over the range ovens do a decent job at cookign and reheating, but they can’t really replace a traditional cooker hood. Instead, we advise you to opt for a compact yet efficient countertop microwave. For some inspiration, take a look at the following best microwaves for small kitchens.

Samsung MG14H3020

If you want to purchase a compact microwave oven that will fit your small kitchen while doing a wonderful job, then this is definitely a good choice. Samsung MG14H3020 comes with an efficient sensor cooking, which actually means that your food will evenly cook. This is a thing that other units in this category cannot do. Therefore, it is without a doubt an advantage. The mirror-like and sleek appearance will certainly be to your liking. Samsung MG14H3020 will give a modern look to your tiny kitchen, and you will be able to place it anywhere you want, due to its small dimensions.

Oster OGH6901

Another wonderful choice is Oster OGH6901. This appliance is actually a multifunctional one. It provides you several food preparation choices. The same as the product presented above, Oster OGH6901 comes with a sensor cooking, which will determine if the food is cooked evenly, and it will also let you know when it is ready. It will do this by sensing the temperature and the humidity inside. Due to its small size, you can place this device on your fridge, or on the kitchen countertop, without getting in your way.


This model could also be considered one of the best microwaves for small kitchens due to the fact that it is very efficient despite its small size. One of the best things about GE JES1145SHSS is that it can reheat pizza faster that any other device of this type. GE JES1145SHSS comes with a 1-year warranty. All in all, the unit is definitely perfect for any small kitchen.

Haier HMC920BEWW

With this wonderful appliance, you will be able to cook food fast, due to the 900 watts power. Haier HMC920BEWW comes equipped with enough functions that make it a very useful appliance for preparing delicious meals and snacks as well. It provides a good share of speed, capacity, power, and cooking options, which is absolutely remarkable. Haier HMC920BEWW comes with a simple yet attractive design, which fits any kitchen design.