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Given how technology has evolved, no wonder the kitchen is starting to be invaded by high-tech gadgets that make kitchen chores a real pleasure. The modern style is becoming more and more popular for kitchen remodeling because there are so many stylish gadgets and appliances you can choose to make your kitchen cutting-edge. Here are some essential gadgets that your modern kitchen must include for the ultimate comfort and style.

Prep Pad Counter Scale

This is a digital food scale taken to the next level not only due to the high-end design but also due o the interesting features it boasts. This scale measures your food ratios and works as a nutritional guide that tells you what to eat and how much top eat for a healthy living. It determines the nutritional value of your food using an iOS app that shows useful information on the food you are weighing such as the number of calories, fats, and proteins.

Blendtec Designer 700 Blender

While most blenders come in a simple design, the Blendtec Designer 700 is a stylish kitchen gadget that combines the utility of a blender with the sleek design of a high-tech decoration. The 1700-watt motor can mix, chop, and crush anything and the touchscreen interface allows you to choose from six different blending programs with the touch of a button.

Kyocera Diamond Sharpener

You can forget about dull knives that won’t cut through your food thanks to this stylish knife sharpener that looks great on your kitchen counter and takes little space. The Kyocera is battery-powered for maximum convenience and it will only start when the ON button is pressed, so there is no need to worry about accidents. It features a 600-grit stone that will put a sharp edge on your knives and the knife guide makes sure you get the right angle.

Illy Francis Francis Y1.1 iperEspresso Machine

The first impression this coffee maker makes is a high-tech gadget that is out of this world. At a closer look, you will also discover its convenience and the delicious coffee it can make. It boasts an aluminum and tempered glass design that makes it stand out from the other plastic models and it uses capsules for making one-touch coffee cups.

Belkin Crock-Pot WeMo Slow Cooker

Nothing like regular slow cookers, this model is an exquisite version that complements the modern kitchen design. It comes in a stylish stainless steel and black finish with an LCD screen that shows the status of the slow cooker. The best part about this gadget is that it can be connected to a WiFi network so you can control it from anywhere. Use your smartphone to turn the slow cooker on and off, adjust the cooking time and temperature, and get reminders that you are cooking.