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The bedroom is supposed to be a place of relaxation. In this room, you sleep and spend quality time with your significant other. For the time spent here to be of a good quality and stress-free, the room must be designed following certain guidelines. Therefore, in case you want to learn how to design a bedroom that inspires relaxation, read the following lines and apply the advice given in them.

Apply the “less is more” approach

A relaxing bedroom must be free of clutter. Otherwise, you won’t feel relaxed because you will be surrounded by too many objects and decorative pieces. Instead of putting everything that you own and like in the bedroom and making a mess out of this room, go with a minimalistic design. The “less is more” approach is ideal to create a stress-free bedroom. Stick to the furniture pieces that you actually need. In the bedroom, place only a closet to store the clothes in, the bed, 2 nightstands on each side of the bed, a small and humble vanity table, and maybe a small rug in front of the bed. This way you leave a lot of free space in the room, and you can relax when you sit in it.

Allow natural light to enter the bedroom

One of the most important elements of a relaxing bedroom is the lighting. To ensure the perfect ambiance, you have to allow as much natural light as possible to enter the room. On the windows, put see-through curtains for the sunlight to enter. When it comes to lighting during the night, you have to set the perfect mood by using dimmed lighting. Therefore, replace your switch with a dimmer switch and set the light at the perfect level.

Give the bedroom a relaxing scent

Certain scents tend to make us feel relaxed. Make sure that you preserve a relaxing smell in the bedroom with the help of essential oils to ensure that you will feel serene whenever you’re in this room. The best essential oil to go with for the bedroom is lavender. Dab a little lavender oil on the pillows and on the sheets for that relaxing smell to take over. But be careful when you dab the oil to not stain these surfaces.

Add the HoMedics Deep Sleep HDS-2000 sound machine for the perfect ambiance

For the bedroom to be a truly relaxing place, you must have the HoMedics Deep Sleep HDS-2000 sound machine in it. This device will create the perfect ambiance for you to sleep like you did when you were a child. The best part is that it costs only $75 to purchase it. It produces realistic nature sounds and white noise sounds to soothe you to sleep. The sound machine offers a total of 12 sounds that you can choose from. Also, it comes with the innovative sound therapy feature to help those who normally have trouble sleeping. This feature plays a random nature sound until you fall asleep. Once you are asleep, it switches to white noise to be able to block any background noise that appears throughout the night. Therefore, you won’t ever wake up in the middle of the night because someone was a bit too loud outside of your house.